Does it help businesses to share their good fortune?

By Hassan Hagood

Thinking of ways to pay it forward in business may pose many quandaries.  Most business models are built on the premise of producing a product or service in return for a legal tender or trade.  Further, businesses who identify a good niche will exploit it before sharing with their colleagues or competitors that a need exists in said niche.  

If there were a way to monopolize an industry, I’m sure everyone would.  Why? Because most people have a wish to give their families experiences and opportunities and then have those experiences and opportunities available for several generations. Why else do we work until 7 PM when we started the day at 7 AM?  Why else are we so competitive to highlight our capabilities above competitors?  

The home of the free produces citizens who want their fair share of the market and when we really get good at the solution we provide, we seek to be the best in the market.  If we aren’t constantly seeking to improve our solution we stop moving toward the top.  


By no means is this blog meant to discourage competition or arrest your development of how you go to market.  This blog is meant to shed light on the value of giving back as every one has received some form of help to get them to where they are today.  This concept is called paying it forward.  

This is a miraculous concept because it has no beginning or end.  We can’t pinpoint when the first pay it forward began, inspiring the next person to give without expecting a return.  But isn’t that the miracle; the more you give the more you possess to give?  I’m not a proponent of new-age magic thinking either, this concept has come true time and time again.  When it has a consistent rate of achievement, doesn’t it become a rule or even considered a law of nature? 


This is when the word FAITH comes into discussion.  Faith is a big part of my belief system that something is working on my behalf to bring me resources and associations to help me meet my goals.  Just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean something isn’t doing something on my behalf.  We can’t see the waves harnessed by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but apparently, they are present and proven by science.  

Science has also proven our thoughts are electrical impulses that can be measured.  Therefore, it is a potential that our mental electrical impulses are interacting with some unknown energy force that connects us all.  Hence the reason we have a phenomenon of thinking of the same thing at the same time or calling each other at the same time.  Some people call that telepathy between people who are in tune with each other.    


In this same regard, couldn’t our intentions have a similar effect on who comes into our lives, or the opportunities we receive?  What if we had an intention of benevolence?  Is it safe to say, following the ideology of this blog, we could receive a similar form of benevolence in return?  It’s up to us to accept the gift or determine its use.  But we are not often looking for anything in return for our benevolence, so we tend to miss the fact that good fortune is seeking us to balance the scales. 

I encourage my fellow business leaders to give more of themselves and their businesses to make a difference for those who need aid and resources by supporting the organizations that cater to people who need help. Then watch someone pay it forward back to you again. Everyone needs help with something.


Recently, Contract Business Interiors, Inc. partnered with one of our service vendors, OFISUSA, to provide furniture items to Simple Needs GA, a non-profit that seeks to meet the needs of children, the homeless, and others needing assistance.  

As CBI’s mission is to create facility spaces that inspire, build and promote business growth and enrich public service, we often assist clients with liquidating their existing furniture to clear the space for new furniture we have procured for them.  We also receive new products from factories needing to liquidate their older inventory.  As a result, we amass an inventory of products that we usually sell to clients at discounted rates but in this situation, we decided to donate as much of the inventory to Simple Needs GA that they could use to aid in their cause.  


OFISUSA is a premium furniture services company that provides warehousing, logistics, and installation.  We provided the product, OFISUSA provided the delivery service and together we were able to impact the lives of many people assisted by Simple Needs GA. 

Watch the video to see more about Simple Needs GA and their partnership with CBI and OFISUSA. 

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