Our Projects

East Point City Hall

Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Collaboration Spaces, Break Areas, Open Plan Workstations, Track Filing, Storage, Lounge, Seating

33,000 sqft

Department of Juvenile Justice Cadwell RYDC

Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Heavy Duty Controller Chairs, Classrooms, Library, Visitation Space, Lobby, Lounge, Rotary Filing, Seating, Institutional Fixed Tables and Tandem Seating

23,000 sqft

Division of Family and Children Services - Hall County

Open Plan Workstations, Seating

11,000 sqft.

Division of Family and Children Services - Gilmer County

Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Training Rooms, Observation Rooms, Open Plan Workstations, Children Furniture, Lobby, Seating

15,000 sqft.

GVRA Warner Robins

Private Office, Conference Room, Training Room, Break Room, Open Plan Workstations, Lobby, Seating, Filing

6,200 sqft.

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